About the Board

The Alumni Association is governed by a 24-member Executive Board, broadly representative of the whole alumni body. This elected group of dedicated alumni volunteers consists of individuals whose lives have been enriched by Kean University, who take pride in their University's accomplishments, and who wish to maintain a strong personal and professional tie with their alma mater. The Association's Executive Board and its committees meet regularly in the Ruth Horowitz Alumni House to plan programs and interact with the University community. The Alumni Association works jointly with the University to offer a wide variety of programs, activities, and services to encourage continued alumni involvement.

Alumni Board


Edward A. Esposito '69 '72 MA
Carol Blumenfeld '03
Vice President
Donna Madrigal '88 '91 MPA
Recording Secretary
David Kirpan '01


Board Members-At-Large

Catherine Apgar '60 Stacey Hayes-Johnson '08 '11
Jerome Beazer III '12 MBA Donna Madrigal '88 '91 MPA
Jane Bodzioch '69 '83 MA Timothy Marshall '12 MS
Jennifer Van Dyk '03 '07 MA Thomas O'Donnell '71 '76 MA
Anthony Brennan '81 Heather Pasciak '07
Frank Budney '77 Maria Rodriguez '10 '12 MA
Dolores Curtis '82 MA Joseph Roman '10 '13 MPA
Slair Gelain '03 '05 MSW Patricia Swick '10
Maria Luciano '72 Susana Tavera '03