An Investment We All Share

At Kean, we appreciate all our Alumni and the support they continue to give across all levels of the University. Sometimes support is all it takes to shift intention to reality. That investment is a statement of belief in the compelling future we are building together.

Alumni Association President’s Message

Welcome Alumni!

In April 1855, Newark Normal School, today’s Kean University, was created. The first class consisted of 85 women who were going to be trained as teachers for the Newark school system. Two years later, in 1857, they graduated and became the first alumni of Kean University.

Today, there are over 100,000 active Kean University alumni located in all 50 states and in dozens of countries around the world. Our proud heritage in education continues, as Kean still graduates more teachers than any other school in the state. We also graduate students in over 40 undergraduate programs, more than 30 graduate programs, and 7 doctoral programs. The College of Business and Public Management, located in the new Hynes Hall, is the largest college on campus. In addition, the ongoing expansions and beautification of our campuses in Union, Ocean County and Wenzhou China are absolutely breathtaking.

Kean is proud to be the most diverse and third largest public university in New Jersey. Its primary mission is to provide a quality education for the students in our community, as well as students from around the world, while maintaining its affordability even throughout the existing budget crisis. To give you some perspective on how drastic the cuts are, consider that in 1995 Kean University received 58 cents of every dollar in revenue from the state; today, only about 12 cents of every dollar we receive comes from the state of New Jersey.

We have been recipients of a prestigious education. As alumni, we have the responsibility to ensure that the degree(s) we received retain value and relevance for subsequent generations of Kean students. Kean alumni can help ensure that the University continues to achieve its goals by staying involved. I urge you to return to campus, speak to student groups and provide career insight, help mentor a student, attend a sporting event and cheer for our coaches and student-athletes, enjoy a concert or a play in one of our many theaters, or use our library or gyms. Through the generosity of our alumni, we can help Kean keep all of its wonderful programs, we can increase the number and amount in scholarships offered to our students, and we can continue to help make Kean a World-Class University.

It is important for alumni to help the Alumni Office keep its records up to date. Call our office (908-316-8930) or email us to keep us informed of your accomplishments and milestones. Also, help us keep our mailing addresses and email addresses up to date so that we can be sure that you are receiving the KEAN Magazine, invitations to alumni events, and all other campus news. Make sure to read our monthly e-newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Alumni working together, more than 100,000 strong, can make a difference in the lives of students today who are destined to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Edward A. Esposito ’69 ’72 MA
Alumni Association President

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