Meet the Newest Members of the Kean University Foundation’s Board of Directors

April 26, 2022

Traditionally, winter in New Jersey is not known as a period of growth; the local area is in a state of rest while the cold weather runs its course and the frozen ground awaits the springtime thaw. The Kean University Foundation, however, does not abide by the same rules; we do not adopt a state of restfulness and passively await growth. On the contrary, we have remained steadfast in pursuit of both our mission and our determination to assist Kean University students, faculty and staff.

Part of that growth includes the continued expansion of the Kean University Foundation’s Board of Directors, a distinguished group of professionals who generously offer their time and expertise in support of the University. As such, we are pleased to introduce the Board’s two newest members: Mark S. Hiltwein, CPA ‘87 and Charles E. Waimon ’77, both of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Foundation.

Mr. HiltweinMr. Hiltwein is a Kean alumnus who is Chief Financial Officer at Cenveo Worldwide Limited, a world leader in custom labels and envelops, warehousing, fulfillment, direct mail and related services. With a career spanning more than 30 years, he is a seasoned financial and operational executive who has held a number of esteemed roles in the print manufacturing and distribution industry, as well as a decisive leader. Hiltwein draws upon extensive business acumen and a broad range of experience, including sales leadership and building high-performing teams.

As a former accounting major who knows first-hand the value of earning a Kean degree, Hiltwein is eager to get involved. “Attending Kean University was a valuable period of time in my life, and my first step towards pursuing a career in the world of finance,” said Hiltwein. “It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the invitation to join the Kean University Foundation’s Board of Directors and I am fortunate for the opportunity to help current and future Kean students achieve their educational goals.”

Mr. WaimonMr. Waimon, or Chuck, as he prefers, is Chief Executive Officer of Mutti U.S.A., Inc., an international manufacturer and importer of shelf-stable tomato products direct from Italy. Prior to joining Mutti U.S.A., he was part of the PepsiCo/Frito Lay corporation where he was Senior Director of Sales in the Northeast Region of the United States before advancing to the role of Vice President and General Manager. In addition to being responsible for $1.8 billion in direct sales revenue and successfully overseeing a national customer sales team, Waimon managed joint merchandising plans for Frito, Pepsi beverages and an array of PepsiCo’s brands, including Doritos and Lays.

Waimon also credits the degree he earned from Kean University as his first stepping-stone into the world of business management, an experience which has fostered his desire to give back. “I am proud and honored to join the Kean University Foundation’s Board of Directors,” said Waimon. “I look forward to supporting the Foundation’s efforts and making a difference in the lives of Kean University students.”

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