Student Spotlight: Nikye Jennings-Jackson

October 2023

Academic Spotlight – Angel Ihie

“I fell in love with Kean’s campus – between the architecture, the motivational statues and posters, it’s so encouraging.”

With both a major and minor in Information Studies, Kean University Senior Nikye Jennings-Jackson has his sights set on graduating in May 2024.

Nikye Jennings-Jackson decided to enroll at Kean University in the fall of 2019 for several reasons. First, the artistic portions of campus. He fell in love with the creative thought process behind multiple areas of the campus, such as the mini art galleries within the Green Lane Academic Building. Between the architecture, the paintings and the motivational statues and posters around campus, Nikye experienced a familiar and encouraging feeling the moment he stepped on campus.

Second, Nikye also decided to attend Kean because of its proximity to his home. Being a commuter student has been very beneficial to his education. Nikye also appreciated all of Kean’s student-run organizations and was attracted to the number of clubs, programs and organizations in comparison to other schools. During Nikye’s time at Kean, there has been a lot of transparency between campus leaders and the students. Kean has always been an institution that clearly communicates with members of the community and Nikye has a strong appreciation for that.

After enrolling, Nikye attended Kean’s New Student Orientation event, which happens to be his favorite memory at Kean (thus far). This was Nikye’s first exposure to making friends at Kean and where he met his best friend, Alexia, along with a group of friends whom he continues to be close with to this day. Meeting Alexia is a core memory for Nikye; meeting her in front of the Miron Student Center, it felt like they had known each other for years.

Since meeting Alexia, Nikye vowed to be extroverted in college and continue meeting new people, which he did not do during primary school. He quickly became involved in many clubs and activities, such as Greek Life, Kean Pulse and the Center for Leadership and Service, and he has volunteered for Freshman Move-in Drives. He is currently the Second Vice President of Sigma Beta Tau.

Nikye’s time at Kean University has played a major role in transforming him from the person he needed to be to the person he wanted to be. Between working up the courage to join student organizations, managing to get through the COVID-19 pandemic and online learning, he is constantly reminded of how great a decision it was for him to enroll at Kean. Even in tough times, he had the support of his fellow students, colleagues and mentors.

As someone who has always been an enthusiast about race, culture and diversity, Nikye’s favorite class has been English 2403 as it focuses on World Literature. This class helped Nikye learn about different cultures and ways of life around the world by way of literature.

Nikye continues to make lifelong connections and build networks with people he would have never imagined prior to attending Kean. He considers attending Kean as the best experience of his life and is looking forward to his final months as an undergraduate student.