Student Spotlight: Michelle Gomez ‘23

June 2023

Academic Spotlight – Angel Ihie

Michelle chose to attend Kean University for two reasons: the school’s proximity to her home and its affordability. There were a few semesters where she attended night classes and the easy commute allowed her the flexibility to work two part-time jobs.

Michelle and her parents have always been hard workers. They were extremely thankful to have found a university they could afford with a reputation for providing a stellar education. Paying for college was a struggle, but Kean made it less stressful thanks to reasonable financial options and opportunities to earn scholarships.

Having graduated just this May, Michelle reflected upon her time as an undergraduate student. It has been an unpredictable four years, especially studying during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Michelle realizes how blessed she’s been to be able to further her education at a university that has taught her so much. She has met amazing friends along the way who, just like Michelle, work hard for their future selves. Michelle was also lucky to have her best friend, Shania, by her side throughout her time at Kean. She helped make Michelle’s college experience less anxious and more fun.

Michelle met incredible professors who cared about their students, wanted them to be at their best level and provided guidance whenever it was needed. She worked with supportive people who prepared her for what many call “the real world” which she’s grateful for. The accomplishments Michelle achieved throughout her time at Kean made her feel valued and appreciated. It made her realize that all her hard work does pay off. She’s thankful for every single experience she’s had, as it helped her mature as an individual.

During Michelle’s time at Kean, Professor Blanca Rosales-Ahn, in particular, was an amazing educator. She entered the classroom with a big smile and reminded Michelle of a supportive mother. Professor Rosales-Ahn made the class comfortable, especially when it came to presenting. Outside of the classroom, she helped Michelle with her recommendation letter for graduate school.

Michelle also loved a creative writing course she completed. She found the class to be therapeutic as she was able to write poems, stories, sonnets, flash fictions and songs that connected with her life. Michelle was proud to see her writing process evolve and Professor Abriana Jette played a significant role in helping her expand her creative process.

Michelle’s favorite memory at Kean was when she was a guest speaker at the Kean University Foundation Scholarship Recognition Reception. It taught her to overcome the difficulty she had with public speaking. She wanted to make a great impression, especially to the donors who provide so much for the students. When the day came to give her speech, she felt extremely pleased and cherished. Her parents were there to support her and Michelle states that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for their love and support that continuously pushes her to work harder. Everyone that day gave her the strength she needed to tell the story. She is thankful to every donor for their generous scholarship support because of the happiness they bring to each student’s life; each donor becomes a part of each student’s support system.

Michelle’s time at Kean has been a challenging yet rewarding journey. She was able to learn so much and she hopes to learn even more now that she will be studying to receive her master’s in social work.