Corporate and Foundation Relations Awareness

April 2024

Mr. Hiltwein

The Kean University Foundation teaming up with the Masters of Public Administration program in Kean University’s College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) for a second semester to educate students on the business of philanthropy.

The Foundation’s Chief Development Officer Ed Ahart is working with Associate Professor Bok Gyo Jeong, Ph.D., and the students currently enrolled in his Grants Process class to offer insight into corporate and foundation relations through grant writing. Ahart is giving presentations about aligning missions, writing stories, building relationships and creating budgets. He is also working directly with three students to write and submit grants to fund initiatives at Kean, giving them real-world experience in the field of nonprofits.

This semester’s initiative builds upon a collaboration with Jeong launched during the Fall 2023 semester. Jeong and the students in his Intro to Nonprofits class worked with leaders at the Kean University Foundation to create a Philanthropy Center pilot program, a call center in which the students learned how nonprofits use call centers to set goals and fundraise. The students got first-hand experience in operating a call center and were successful in securing donations for the Foundation’s mission in support of the University. As part of the course, they heard directly from Ahart as well as Foundation Chief Executive Officer Bill Miller and Senior Director of Annual Giving Molly McGarry.