Consider Including a Charitable Bequest in Your Will or Trust

January 2024

Mr. Hiltwein

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank

Including a charitable bequest in your will or trust to benefit the Kean University Foundation is one of the simplest ways to leave a legacy while making an impact on future generations of students at Kean University.

Charitable bequests may be made in several ways:

  • Percentage Bequest - A percentage bequest is one of the most popular and preferred ways to include the Kean University Foundation in your will or trust. The benefit of this type of bequest is that it allows the amount given to charity to increase or decrease based upon the value of your final estate. Including a percentage bequest in your estate plan is an equitable and balanced approach which ensures that your wishes to support Kean University are carried out while also ensuring that there are sufficient assets remaining for other beneficiaries named in your estate plan.
  • Specific Bequest - A specific bequest may be the right solution for you if you wish to gift a specific dollar amount or a specific asset to the Kean University Foundation through your will or trust. This type of bequest is popular among donors who want to provide a charitable gift of a predetermined dollar amount or gift a piece of tangible property.
  • Residual Bequest - A residual bequest is a gift made from the balance (residue) of your final estate after all other assets are divided among your heirs and other charities, and after all debts are paid. Often, your final estate may include overlooked or unclaimed assets which are not specifically named in your will or trust because these may have been acquired after you finalized your estate plan. Including a residual bequest in your will or trust helps to ensure that all assets are divided in accordance with your wishes and not left for the probate court to decide.

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