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2014-15 Scholarship Application
The 2014-15 Kean Unversity Scholarship Application is posted and available. Once again the entire application process is online. Those interested in applying can click here  to access the login page and set up a password-protected account. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2014.

Scholarship Process and Timeline


Those wishing to apply for Kean University Foundation Scholarship (undergraduate, graduate, transfer, international and incoming freshman) must adhere to the following timeline, as it is very strictly enforced in the spirit of fairness to all of our applicants.

December 1st - Kean University Application is Posted Online

March 1st - Kean University Scholarship Application Deadline (application must be fully completed)

April 15th - Incoming Freshman Award/Non-Award Announcements

June 15th - Undergraduate and Graduate Award/Non-Award Announcements

July 15th - August 1st - Awards Posted in Student KeanWise Accounts.

All Kean Foundation Scholarship are reviewd by a committee. Application are judged basedupon several key components which incorporate equal and balanced criteria. Please email with any questions about the proces or timeline.

Scholarship Recognition Ceremony


Held each year, the Kean University Scholarship Recognition Ceremony hosts more than 800 scholars, donors family members and friends. The poignant ceremony and reception gives many scholarship recipients the unique opportunity to meet and thank their donors in person. 

The Annual Scholarship Recognition Ceremony is mandatory for all Kean University scholarship recipients.

Please email with any additional questions about this momentous occasion. 

Invitations and tickets will be sent as the event approaches.

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