Toys Through Time Soirée

The Soirée, which took place on October 1, was a benefit for Liberty Hall Museum's educational programs for children.  The event may be over, but our mission to strengthen and expand children's programming at Liberty Hall continues indefinitely... and you can be part of it! Donate now.

It’s not enough for today’s students to study history from a textbook. That doesn’t work for a lot of students, and is not surprising.  History is about the lives and events that occurred in the past, and those lives and events didn’t occur in two dimensions, they occurred in three dimensions, just like our lives do today.

The programs at Liberty Hall bring the history of New Jersey and our nation to life, and that is what we will continue to do for the students who come to visit us, whether they come with a school group or are brought here by their families.

We want these students to not only see history, but touch and feel history, as well. Using Liberty Hall as a classroom without walls, we have the access to the tools and the resources that will allow students to truly learn how the history of our country is with them their whole lives and not just until the next history test in school.

We need your help in order to expand and promote the many Liberty Hall Museum educational programs.  It is through the generosity of our benefactors that these programs enhance the lives of children and bring to focus the traditions of previous generations.

Kindly partner with Liberty Hall Museum and DONATE today!


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