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We are excited to share with you the Winter 2021 Edition of our e-Newsletter. In keeping with previous publications, this e-Newsletter is sent out quarterly to friends and members of the Kean Community, alike, including content related to the many ways we can all support Kean University, as well as options available for making a gift to the Foundation. We look forward to keeping you updated on the Foundation's activities, as well as the tremendous impact from its valued supporters!


DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Dorothy “Dottie” McCabe '80

“If you persevere, you can overcome obstacles that may be in your way. It's all about how we make a difference in the world; what value we can add. If I can give back, I will.”
- Dr. Dorothy McCabe '80

Dottie McCabe graduated from Battin High School, located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Having grown up in a home with limited financial resources, attending college was simply out of the question. So, at the age of 19, she married her high school sweetheart, James “Jim” McCabe, and seemingly had the rest of her life mapped out. Little did she know what changes were in store!

Shortly after the pair were married in May of 1966, the Vietnam War intensified. Jim was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam in July of that same year. A combat soldier, he served proudly and, in 1968, was among those fortunate enough to return home where he and Dottie started a family. The couple welcomed a daughter in 1969 and a son in 1972. Jim found work at A&P Supermarkets as a butcher, and, thanks to the GI Bill of Rights, began taking accounting courses at, what was then, Kean College while Dottie stayed home with their children.

From an early age, Dottie had a passion for science and, as luck would have it, the McCabes' home was located on Palisade Road – a street which still runs just behind the rear of Kean University's main campus. It seemed as though fate was stepping in and, in 1974, with the couple's daughter enrolled in kindergarten and their son in daycare at Kean, Dottie began a new chapter in her life and took her first steps towards pursuing her dream of attending college.

Six years after Dottie enrolled at Kean College, she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in biology. She credits two people with helping her achieve this goal: an amazingly supportive husband and an inspiring mentor who instilled in Dottie the idea of a career in Pharmacology. Namely, the late Dr. Amelia “Amy” Smith, who taught biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology in Kean's Department of Biology for more than 25 years.

It was that support and inspiration that gave Dottie the impetus to enroll in (what was then known as) the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, located in Newark, in pursuit of her Ph.D. in pharmacology. She was fortunate in having been awarded scholarships and grants, affording her the opportunity to enroll as a full-time student while she worked towards the advanced degree. Even after completing the program, Dottie was awarded a grant by the National Institutes of Health which allowed her to pursue postdoctoral studies in the field of microbiology.

Dottie received an offer of employment from Amgen, an organization within the field of biotechnology located in Los Angeles, California, soon after earning her postdoctoral degree. She and Jim, who was by then an accountant, made the decision to follow the great opportunity across the country, moving themselves and their two children to north of Los Angeles. Dottie's success only grew from that point on, with new opportunities leading the family to Boulder, Colorado, where Dottie led the clinical operations group for Amgen, and then back to California, where she worked for Biogen in San Diego.

Dottie, whose life was one of professional growth and success, enabling her, along with Jim, to provide for their family, encountered tragedy in 2005 when Jim succumbed to cancer. As her children were grown, with families of their own residing in New Jersey, she decided to return to her roots and came back east to New Jersey. Here, Dottie worked for Pfizer for ten years before beginning her tenure with Boehringer Ingleheim, where she is currently the Executive Director of Specialty Medicine: Immunology, Biosimilars, and CNS.

Dottie has experienced great achievement in the professional arena and has had a very rewarding career, and, as she approaches a new stage in her life, she has welcomed the opportunity to reconnect with Kean – where it all began. She remarked on the profound impact both Kean and Dr. Smith had on her life. Given her history, having been reared under adverse economic conditions, attending Kean broadened her horizons and opened her eyes to a different world full of limitless possibilities.

It is this spirit of opportunity and possibility that Dottie gives back to Kean. When asked to describe her impression after meeting students who are enrolled in the Dorothy & George Hennings College of Science, Mathematics and Technology, she stated she was very interested in the students who grew up under circumstances similar to her own, struggling to pay for school. “I wanted them to know that, if you persevere, you can overcome obstacles that may be in your way; don't give up,” said Dottie.


“I was so impressed and moved by the students, their diverse backgrounds, and their desire to follow their dreams. It's all about how we make a difference in the world; what value we can add. If I can give back, I will.”

For more information regarding how to establish an endowed scholarship, please contact:
James Gurland, Chief Development Officer, via email: or phone: (908) 316-8924.


Mark LoSacco, Esq. '88 – Hutchinson Hall, a Vending Machine, and a Journey of Giving Back


“There are so many worthy
causes which we are all
called upon to support
but, for me, my journey
started at Kean. Kean
provides a wide
spectrum of
opportunities to those who
would not have
access otherwise.”

Mark LoSacco recalls growing up in East Brunswick. He, along with his brother, Officer Frank LoSacco '92, Chief of Police of the East Brunswick, New Jersey Police Department, grew up in a single parent household, having been raised by their mother following their parents' divorce. Given the economic circumstances at home, Mark came to the realization that a state school would be his only viable option if he wanted to pursue higher education following his graduation from high school. Luckily, Mark was aware of Kean's stellar reputation and, between the offering of quality, affordable programs with flexibility, and the enticing concept of a short commute, his decision quickly became an easy one!

Mark enrolled at Kean and began working towards a bachelor of arts degree, double majoring in public administration and criminal justice. One evening, during the latter part of his time at Kean, Mark found himself visiting a vending machine in Hutchinson Hall during a break from his Substantive Criminal Law class. Mark, like many other students before him, was selecting a variety of snacks in lieu of dinner, as he did not have the time or money for anything more substantial. While waiting in line for a bag of chips and a soda, the adjunct professor teaching that night's course, Mitchell Ingnatoff, Esq., approached Mark and inquired as to whether he had any formal legal training. “No,” replied Mark, to which Mr. Ignatoff countered, advising his student to consider law school. Mark found the concept interesting but balked at managing the cost. The words Mr. Ignatoff spoke next set Mark on a path that would change his life. “You can afford it,” stated Mr. Ignatoff. “You will find a way, and I will write you a recommendation.”

Armed with that support, Mark's perspective shifted and he found himself enrolling in Rutgers Law School within a year of completing his undergraduate studies at Kean.

Nearly 25 years have since passed and Mark has cultivated a distinguished legal career, having held positions at LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae and American Express. He is currently Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement at HSBC North America where he is responsible for the oversight and management of all U.S. litigation, including contentious regulatory and law enforcement actions involving the organization.

Mark is more than just a top-notch lawyer; he is a leader, who leads by example, and is a highly sought-after speaker for professional conferences regarding leadership and influencing people. He developed a philosophy as his career progressed, stating, “Those who report to me have become very important to me. I want to help them succeed, both at becoming effective lawyers and well-rounded people.”

Not long ago, Mark returned to Kean's main campus in Union and walked away from that visit both inspired and in awe of the transformation that had taken place at his alma mater, all while retaining the University's hallmark commitment to diversity. Soon thereafter, Mark was invited to attend a Kean alumni networking event where he was host to a table full of current Kean students eager to learn more about the legal profession. In recollection, Mark noted how impressed he was with not only the caliber of students he met, but also their insightful questions. “I was inspired by the courage displayed by the Kean students who reached out to me following the event,” he stated. “They were so genuine and sincere in their communications.”

Mark places great value in giving back. He remarked, “People want to have the opportunity to give back in a way that is genuine while seeking the advice and counsel of people who have done good things.” When asked why he made the decision to support Kean philanthropically, Mark's answer was quite simple. “First and foremost, I am blessed and I am able to do this,” he stated. “Even though I have my own financial obligations, I still do it because if you can, you should. There are so many worthy causes which we are all called upon to support philanthropically, but, for me, my journey started at Kean. Kean provides a wide spectrum of opportunities to those who would not have access otherwise.”


Introducing Ed Ahart: Newest Member of the Kean University Foundation


In addition to the start of a new year, January also brought a new member to the Kean University Foundation – namely, Ed Ahart, who has taken on the role of Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. Despite joining the Team under non-traditional circumstances, with social distancing guidance continuing to encourage remote work environments, Ed has acclimated with ease. “I am thrilled to have joined the KUF Team,” he stated, remarking how quickly he felt a sense of Cougar Pride while familiarizing himself with the Kean community.

In his capacity as Corporate and Foundation Relations Director, Ed is looking forward to representing the Foundation by continuing to cultivate and steward past, current, and prospective partners. He is also eagerly looking towards the future and considering ways in which KUF can work with foundations and businesses, alike, to elevate the already enriched opportunities offered at Kean.

Ed takes tremendous pride in supporting the establishment of scholarships for Kean's students and future leaders, as well as working with faculty on exciting research initiatives. As a New Jersey native, he is equally proud to collaborate with businesses and corporations throughout the state, bridging an industry-academic partnership to offer students real world experiences and prepare them for a successful future.

Previously, Ed has worked in the Development and Alumni Relations office at the University of Delaware where, in addition to various major giving driven responsibilities, he played a key role in building corporate relationships that helped establish a new masters of science program in the Life Sciences. He holds a masters degree in public administration and non-profit management from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a bachelors degree in sociology and cultural anthropology from Stockton University. Ed has also studied classical archaeology and architecture in Athens, Greece.

“We are delighted to welcome Ed to the KUF family,” stated Bill Miller, CEO of the Kean University Foundation. “He is a seasoned development professional who brings a wealth of experience and passion to our growing team. In his short time with us, he has already made a positive impact on our corporate and foundation outreach. He is going to do great things for the Kean community.”

Welcome, Ed! The Kean University Foundation is happy to have you as part of the Team!


Kean University Foundation Congratulates Kean University Alumna Jeralyn L. Lawrence ‘92


Jeralyn L. Lawrence ‘92, Managing Member and Founder of Lawrence Law, LLC, has been recognized by Best Lawyers® for the fourth time for her work in family law. She is one of only six lawyers throughout the state of New Jersey who has been recognized within in all three of the family law-related practice areas identified within the 2021 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America.

With offices located in both Somerset and Monmouth counties, Jeralyn built Lawrence Law, established in 2019, on the foundation of several principles, including compassion, responsiveness, and efficiency, all of which are focused on the needs of the firm's clients. Her approach has proven to be a successful model, providing clients with a positive experience even during emotionally trying conditions.

Congratulations on this notable achievement, Jeralyn!


Student Spotlight: Tiffany Anele


When Tiffany began looking at colleges four years ago, she was searching for an institution that would satisfy three requirements: great program offerings and faculty, close in proximity to home, and, most importantly, affordable. It quickly became apparent, especially as a resident of Union, New Jersey, that Tiffany did not need to look any further than Kean University!

Tiffany has just begun her last semester at Kean, where she is working towards the completion of a bachelor of arts degree in speech-language-hearing sciences, with a minor in American Sign Language and psychology. When asked how she feels about her time at Kean, with graduation just around the corner, she exclaimed, “Truly grateful!”

When she began her journey at Kean, Tiffany new it would be more difficult to connect with student life as a commuter, rather than residing on campus. However, she was eager to contribute and actively pursued various ways to get involved, with a focus on the importance of community service. Tiffany made the decision to join the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority and has also worked in the University's Center for Leadership and Service since May 2018.

Despite the inherent pressures associated with managing academic, sorority, and work responsibilities, Tiffany has maintained a 3.77 GPA, has been named to the Dean's List each term since the fall of 2017, and was inducted into the Kappa Delta Rho National Honor Society. She attributes her success to the support she has received from Kean faculty, who have inspired her to do more.

As she looks back at the previous four years, Tiffany's favorite memory is her admittance to the Bronze Leadership Institute Program. This program accepts students who are transitioning from a high school environment to a college setting, and provides learned leadership skills such as effective communication, collaborating with others, and community service. “This program,” Tiffany stated, “has helped mold me into the person I am today.”



Just as the entire world has been impacted, Kean University, and its community at large, have also felt the widespread effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Kean's response was swift, keeping students, faculty, and staff informed as safety measures were implemented across campus in accordance with social distancing guidelines while maintaining the same level of world-class education opportunities for all enrolled. The process, though challenging, has exemplified the resiliency synonymous with Kean University.

In March 2020, Kean opened its campus to Union County, establishing the first county-run drive-through coronavirus testing site. In August 2020, it was announced this unique partnership between the County of Union and Kean University would continue to operate throughout the Fall semester, providing testing for the campus community as well as opportunities for research and student employment. CLICK HERE to learn more about this undertaking.

Most recently, a new federally certified COVID-19 testing lab opened at Kean University, building upon the aforementioned partnership with the County of Union. With a focus on diagnostic testing and the continuation of critical public health research, the new lab will process and deliver COVID-19 test results in 24 to 48 hours.

The new facility, housed within Kean's STEM Building, located on main campus in Union Township, is part of the University's new Center for Clinical Laboratory Science and Pandemic Research – one of the first interdisciplinary academic centers in the nation to focus on educations, clinical diagnostics, and pandemic research. With this addition, Kean has become one of the first universities without a medical or veterinary school to host a federally certified lab to process COVID-19 tests, marking a critical milestone in its efforts toward achieving formal designation as a research institution.

CLICK HERE for further information regarding this one-of-a-kind initiative.


Renewed Incentives to Make a Gift: Changes in Tax Law Allow for Bigger Gifts

During 2020, the U.S. Department of Treasury CARES Act created a holiday for required minimum distributions (“RMDs”) from Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”). This holiday was not extended into 2021, however, and IRA owners aged 72 and older will once again be required to resume their RMDs from IRAs. Fortunately, the law stating IRA owners aged 70½ and older can make a charitable rollover gift of up to $100,000 from their IRA to public charities, such as the Kean University Foundation, still remains. A charitable rollover gifts will achieve two significant objectives: it will satisfy your required minimum distribution for the year and it will reduce your taxable income, even if you do not itemize deductions.


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