Our Most Enduring Investments


Endowment gifts, the most enduring investments in our community, establish a continuing wellspring of income, weathering market fluctuations to provide scholarships, professorships, and other educational resources. Kean University is extremely grateful to those responsible for making such a difference at this institution by means of these generous donations. Our mission remains constant: to ensure meaningful, enriching, and rewarding student experiences which in turn are critical to the success of the University as a whole. More than ever, alumni and friends are the lifeblood of this essential objective. Over the last decade, the breadth of the University’s programs expanded and standards for excellence were raised ever higher, concurrent to an increase in support from private donors and growth in the University’s endowment. Kean University counts on your ongoing support so that we may ensure our status as a place where students come to transform themselves into the people they aspire to be.


We are pleased to announce that Kean’s Endowment portfolio (excluding alternative investments) returned 13.6% from January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017, outperforming its composite benchmark return of 13.0%.

Equities had a strong year in 2017. Our diversified exposures to international markets contributed to strong portfolio performance during the year, with our international exposures returning 26.7%, outperforming the MSCI All Country World Index that returned 24.0%. Our exposures in US equity sectors also performed well, returning 21.5% (US Large Cap) and 14.5% (US Mid Cap).

Bonds returned 3.4% during the year. These allocations provided increasing protection to the portfolio as we entered a period of increased volatility in 2018.

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